Vacuum Cleaner Textile Bags Philips

4 Pcs + 1 Microfilter

ECO CLEAN vacuum cleaner bags are specially manufactured in order to offer guaranted quality and good operation to your vacuum cleaner. Thanks to the multiple filters, ECO CLEAN vacuum cleaner bags provide excellent hygienic protections, absorb the dust and are friendly to the enviroment. For best performance and protection of your vacuum cleaner, regular check and frequent replacement of the vacuum cleaner bag and the filters is strongly recommended.

  • 99% particulars remain in the dust bag
  • Thickness 0,040+ 10mm
  • Vacuum Resistance <800 PA
  • Protective netting for extra strength
  • ISO 534/1995

Suitable for: 

PHILIPS s-bag 
City-Line: FC8400-8430, HR8368-8399. Expression: HR8300-8349. Impact / Plus: FC8380-8388, HR8350-8367. Mobilo: HR8500-8599. Specialist: FC9100-9150. Universe: FC9000-9050. Type FC8021

System Pro P1-P999, Viva Control, Viva Quick Stop. Gr.200

Bolido Z4500-4595, Clario Z1900-2095, Ergospace ZE2200-2299, Excellio Z5000-5295, Oxygen Z5500-5695, Z5900-5995, Smart Vac Z5000-6695, Ultra Silencer Z3300-3395. Type E200B s-bag

Bolido 1500-1750, 4500-4595. Modelys CA6200-6230, Super Pro TO30-50

Bolido 4500-4595. Modelys 6200-6290

Vacuum Cleaner Textile Bags Philips / Sbag

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Vacuum Cleaner Textile Bags Philips / Sbag

Vacuum Cleaner Textile Bags Philips / Sbag

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