Vacuum Cleaner Textile Bags Siemens, Bosch

4 Pcs + 1 Microfilter

ECO CLEAN vacuum cleaner bags are specially manufactured in order to offer guaranted quality and good operation to your vacuum cleaner. Thanks to the multiple filters, ECO CLEAN vacuum cleaner bags provide excellent hygienic protections, absorb the dust and are friendly to the enviroment. For best performance and protection of your vacuum cleaner, regular check and frequent replacement of the vacuum cleaner bag and the filters is strongly recommended.

  • 99% particulars remain in the dust bag
  • Thickness 0,040+ 10mm
  • Vacuum Resistance <800 PA
  • Protective netting for extra strength
  • ISO 534/1995
Suitable for: 
   Super E VS32A/B00-33A/B99, VS04G..., VS07G... 
   Super S VS42A/B00-44A/B99
   Super XS/XXS Dino VS50A/B/C...-59A/B/C..., VS50KA...
   Super C/SilverClass VS63A00-63A07, VS63A10-63A99
   Super M VS70C/D00-79C/D99
   Super XL/L VS90A00-99A99, Synchropower 

   BBS 6310-6399 (Με καλάθι), BBS 7000-7999 Compacta 70-79
   BBS 8000-8999 Perfecta 80-89, BSA 000KA-999KA, BSA 2000-2999 Sphera
   BSC 1000-1999 Casa/ Easy Control/ ProParquet
   BSF 1000-1999 Ultra, BSG 2000 Aqua Era, BSG 4000-4999
   BSG 7000-7999, Silence, Silence Ultra, Solitaire, Speedy
   BBZ8AF1/2, BBZ51AFG/G1

   AT4211/4212, AT4217/4218 Ciceris


Vacuum Cleaner Textile Bags Siemens, Bosch / Type G

  • 6.50€

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